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Do I need to inform my insurance company in order to pull a trailer? faq-arrow.png

This depends on your insurance company, it's best practise to check.

How do I know my trailer will work with the towbar on my car? faq-arrow.png

The hitch is a standard fitment used on all cars, trailers and caravans with the exception of the largest trailer which has a tractor hitch.

Do I need a special driving license to drive with a trailer? faq-arrow.png

This depends on the trailer, as some larger trailers require B+E license. Please see the page of the trailer you require to see what type of licence you need.

What if I get a puncture on the trailer? faq-arrow.png

That doesn’t happen very often but all of our trailers are equipped with a spare wheel, just as for a car.

Are the trailers easy to handle? faq-arrow.png

Our trailers mostly have jockey wheels and brakes so hitching them to your vehicle is easy. Please check specifics on the model you wish to hire in the details page for that trailer.

What do I have to bring with me to pick up the trailer? faq-arrow.png

When hiring a trailer you need your drivers licence, proof of address (such as a recent bank statement or a recent utility bill) and a debit or credit card for payment. All three items must be registered to the same address. You will also have to bring a licence plate.

Do you provide a licence plate? faq-arrow.png

We do not provide licence plates for the trailers so you will have to bring one with you when you pick up the trailer.

When will my deposit be returned? faq-arrow.png

Providing the trailer is returned in the same condition as it left then we aim to refund your deposit within 5 working days.

If I return the trailer within a few hours of collection can I get a discount? faq-arrow.png

If you use the trailer and return it within the same day you will be charged the day price which covers 24 hours. This is a flat rate and can't be lowered.

Can I book and collect on the same day? faq-arrow.png

This depends if the trailer is available and if there is someone who can handle the trailer in. Only certain members of staff can handle trailers so we usually need to be booked at least a day in advance. However, providing the trailer is available and there is appropriate staff working you could book and collect on the same day.

Can I take a trailer abroad? faq-arrow.png

You can take a trailer to Europe for a 20% increased hire charge and an extra £100 deposit.